Real Time Court Reporter

A real time court reporter who is often called a “court reporter” a “courtroom transcriptionist” or a “real time transcript provider” is a professional who is present during courtroom proceeding. The purpose of their job is to generate and provide to the court a complete and accurate record of any and all words that are spoken during a trial or any type of legal proceeding that takes place in a court room. Transcriptions of court room proceedings are vital to judges attorneys and others involved in legal cases so that references to what occurred during the proceeding can be easily found and kept as permanent records. According to the website real time court reporters can generate transcripts in a few various ways. The most common method is via a stenotype machine. When a stenotype machine is used in real time the real time court reporter listens to what is being said in the court room types the information into a stenotype machine and the machine converts the entries into captioning on a computer screen in real time. Another popular method for real time court reporting involves voice writing. Voice writing is a reporting method by which a court reporter listens to what is being said in court and verbally repeats the words into a voice recorder. The voice recorder then immediately translates the spoken words into text on a computer screen. According to the website court reporters must provide verbatim accounts of what is said in a court room. Therefore they must be extremely detail oriented be good listeners and have the ability to remember what was just said as they type or speak – while at the same time listen to continuing testimony. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that aspiring real time court reporters must complete a training program before they can begin working in this field and some states require certification. The average yearly salary for a real time court reporter is $51960.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $51960
High Salary: $61960
Low Salary: $41960
Tasks: Records official proceedings in courtrooms.
Produces transcripts in real time.
Creates complete and accurate legal records.
Organizes official records.
Also Called: Real Time Transcript Provider
Real Time Captioner
Voice Writer
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