Parking Control Officer

Parking control officers who are sometimes called “parking enforcement officers” enforce parking regulations in the areas they patrol. They check to see whether cars parked in handicapped spaces have the proper permit. They make sure emergency lanes remain unblocked and that no car is parked too close to a fire hydrant. They issue tickets or citations whenever they identify infractions of local parking and traffic regulations and they often appear in court for hearings on parking infractions. Under some conditions they may place boots on tires of illegally parked cars or call towing companies to remove them. Parking control officers are required to keep track of all tickets and citations they give and to write reports on all incidents that occurred. They are usually in charge making sure parking meters are in working order. In some cases parking control officers are members of the local police department but in other instances they are officers of the city. Parking control officers that work at colleges and universities are employed by those institutions to make sure cars are parking in allotted spaces and that people are not using counterfeit permits. According to the website parking control officers in some areas may also be in charge of enforcing animal control laws and they may be expected to respond to nearby emergencies. Individuals that work as parking control officers must be knowledgeable about all parking rules and regulations in their jurisdiction. Parking control officers work mainly outdoors in all kinds of weather. They either work on foot or use a motorized vehicle. The website says that parking control officers earn an hourly wages that ranges from $8.87 to $22.57. If paid on an annual basis their salaries range from $18400 to $46900.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $32650
High Salary: $46900
Low Salary: $18400
Tasks: Writes and issues parking citations.
Directs drivers to proper parking areas.
Ensures that parking meters are in proper working order.
Enforces parking regulations.
Also Called: Parking Officer
Parking Enforcement Officer
Parking Cop
Parking Citation Officer
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