Parking Attendant

The job of parking attendants who are sometimes called “parking valets” involves watching over cars in a parking lot. Parking lot attendants usually oversee a parking area often from a booth at the entrance or exit of the lot during certain hours. They show drivers where they can park and they collect parking fees. They also patrol the lot to make sure all of the cars parked there have permits or proof that fees have been paid. They are responsible for being on the lookout for any suspicious activity in order to ensure that the cars parked in the lot are secure. Parking attendants who work for high-end restaurants or clubs often take keys from patrons and park their cars for them in which case they are usually given gratuities when they deliver cars back to their owners. Many parking attendant jobs are part-time and the turnover rate is high. However in large cities such as Los Angeles and New York where people are willing to pay handsomely to park their vehicles there are often opportunities for full-time employment. According to the website there is no formal educational requirement for this job but parking attendants are required to have a valid driver’s license and are often subject to passing background and driving record checks. They must be familiar with general parking procedures and they need to have skills in basic math so that they can give accurate change for parking fees. According to the website the median annual salary for parking attendants is approximately $16820 but the pay is higher in larger cities and this number does not necessarily include tips.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $16820
High Salary: $20820
Low Salary: $12820
Tasks: Directs drivers to open parking spaces.
Collects parking fees.
Issues parking permits.
Oversees activity with a parking lot.
Also Called: Valet
Parking Lot Cashier
Parking Lot Steward
Parking Valet
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