Municipal Clerk

Municipal clerks work for city or town officials performing a variety of clerical and administrative duties mostly related to keeping accurate and up-to-date records. Municipal clerks are often in charge of maintaining all the important historical records of the town. In addition they are expected to prepare the agenda for town meetings and set meeting times when all officials will be able to attend. They often attend the meetings and take minutes which they later edit and distribute to all those who were present. In some cities and towns they are responsible for distributing ballots at election time helping to tabulate election results and overseeing the swearing in newly-elected officials. They may keep budgetary records help with the preparation of budget reports send out property tax bills to businesses and residences and oversee the collection of taxes. They may also play a role in issuing licenses and permits and they maintain records of marriage birth and deaths. They make sure the city or town hall is up-to-date on paying water and other utility bills. Finally they are usually the ones that answer telephone or other questions from the public or from other cities and towns or state and federal officials. Entry-level municipals clerks need a high school diploma but usually they must have previous experience in the clerical area. In addition they must have excellent listening skills and skills in both verbal and written communication. Municipal clerks must be hard-working and willing to devote themselves to the town that they serve. According to the website the median pay for municipals clerks is $33520 a year.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $33520
High Salary: $36520
Low Salary: $30520
Tasks: Performs clerical duties for city officials.
Takes minutes during council meetings.
Files municipal documents.
Issues licenses and permits.
Also Called: Court Clerk
License Clerk
Town Clerk
Court Records Clerk
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