Lobbyists in general are people who try to convince others do something specific or act a certain way because they believe in what they are trying to promote. Professional lobbyists are paid to work in the political realm to persuade politicians and policy-makers to vote specific ways. Lobbyists must feel comfortable around politicians and must attend political events fundraisers and functions. The main goal of a lobbyist is to effect change or sometimes to promote “status quo” on particular issues. Lobbyists work to influence political figures in one of several ways. They often try to get others to donate money to the political campaigns that support their causes and they also try to create groups of individuals or organizations that are willing to unite and work together towards a common political goal. In order to be successful as a lobbyist they must have certain personality traits and particular communication skills. Lobbyists must have the ability to change people’s minds about controversial issues they must be able to start conversations with individuals who are not good communicators and they must be likable. Most professional lobbyists have at least a bachelor’s degree in political science and have experience in the public relations realm. Additionally according to www.mypursuit.com lobbyists should have a particular interest or passion in a specific cause or issue. They also need to be certified as lobbyists by the state or federal government. The website jobdescriptions.com states that lobbyists earn between $30000 and $80000 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $55000
High Salary: $80000
Low Salary: $30000
Tasks: Represents groups that want governmental policies either changed or to remain status quo.
Influences policy-making people.
Discusses matters at hand with governmental figures.
Uses the media to get messages to the public.
Also Called: Political Scientist
Political Campaigner
Public Relations Specialist
Political Support Specialist
Additional Resources: http://www.mypursuit.com/careers-99-0043.00/Lobbyist.html