Litigation Secretary

Attorneys rely heavily on the help of their secretaries. A litigation secretary sometimes called a “legal secretary” helps attorneys and paralegals prepare for civil trials. Trial preparation requires filing paperwork with the courts scheduling appointments with clients attorneys and witnesses and collecting and organizing paperwork. Because of the nature of the field litigation secretaries must be familiar with legal terminology and must be able to read legal documents with a competent level of understanding. Litigation secretaries are employed by large and small law firms and by independent attorneys and they are usually supervised by either an attorney or a paralegal. The exact level of responsibility depends on the specific job but litigation secretaries play an integral role in trial preparation. According to litigation secretaries complete many of the essential tasks that attorneys and paralegals cannot due to time restraints including organizing client information maintaining court records corresponding with clients and making telephone calls. The minimum educational requirement for a litigation secretary is a high school diploma but most attorneys and law firms prefer to hire individuals who have achieved an associate’s degree. Some of the skills that are essential for this profession are excellent grammar extreme attention to detail word processing and computer skills the ability to draft letters schedule appointments and the aptitude to work directly with attorneys from opposing law firms. The salary range for a litigation secretary is $25000 to $75000 per year depending on experience. The website states that it is not required that litigation secretaries be certified but they can take an exam administered by the National Association for Legal Secretaries (NALS). Certification often helps litigation secretaries obtain higher level positions and higher salaries.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $45000
High Salary: $75000
Low Salary: $25000
Tasks: Assists attorneys with civil trial work.
Provides administrative support.
Manages the litigation discovery process.
Complies paperwork and documents.
Also Called: Legal Assistant
Legal Secretary
Junior Paralegal
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