Law Office Manager

There is much more than running a law office than meets the eye. Besides representing clients with various legal issues a law office must be organized and it must run like any other business. One or more persons must be responsible for the administrative duties of the law office must oversee staffing issues and must manage budgets and vendors. This is the job of a law office manager. Law office managers are commonly called a “law office administrators.” While they do not necessarily need a legal background a general knowledge of the area of law in which their office practices is helpful as is knowledge of regulations that govern attorneys and law firms. Law office managers are responsible for ensuring that all of the attorneys working for the firm are complaint with their mandatory bar association memberships and their continuing education classes. Additionally they often manage the office’s support staff and they ensure that the office stays within budgetary restrictions for supplies and all vendors. According to traditionally law office managers report to one or more of the law office’s attorney partners. While there is no specific educational requirement for a career as a law office manager a minimum of an associate’s degree should be earned. Many law office managers begin their careers as legal assistants or paralegals. However experience as an office manager in a different industry is often a sufficient way to gain experience. The website states that the average salary for a law office manager is usually between $28939 and $74230 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $51584.5
High Salary: $74230
Low Salary: $28939
Tasks: Runs the operations of a law firm.
Assigns cases to attorneys.
Handles a law firm's budget.
Completes administrative duties.
Also Called: Law Firm Manager
Law Office Administrator
Law Firm Administrator
Legal Office Manager
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