Labor Relations Worker

Labor relations specialists are actually specialized personnel workers that work in the area of industrial relations. Specifically they are the link between employees and management. Some labor relations specialists are independent consultants and other work for the government or teach and conduct research at colleges and universities. However they usually work for unionized companies for the unions themselves with the goal of advising management and keeping the labor force satisfied and productive. Labor relations specialists must be knowledgeable about labor law and collective bargaining. It is their job to participate in negotiating new contracts between management and employees or unions with the goal of understanding the needs and views of both sides and finding an amicable compromise. However on a day-to-day basis they may be the go-to person when there are employee grievances or complaints over promotions or layoffs or when dispute arise over how a union contract should be interpreted. Although labor relations specialists usually work a 40-hour week they may have to put in longer hours during periods of negotiation. Individuals must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree to become labor relations workers. It is also an advantage to complete graduate-level coursework in industrial relations law or history. Some employers require a master’s in business administration andor legal training. Many employers look for job candidates with apprenticeship training or other experience in negotiations. The website says that employment prospects for labor relations specialists are very good and entry-level starting salaries are approximately $37000. The website states overall that the national average salary is approximately $59000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $48000
High Salary: $59000
Low Salary: $37000
Tasks: Keeps employees as productive as possible.
Deals with labor laws and labor relations.
Communicates between employees and management.
Specializes in dispute resolution.
Also Called: Industrial Relations Specialist
Human Resources Specialist
Personnel Specialist
Human Relations Specialist
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