Deputy Clerk

A deputy clerk works closely with a court's clerk of court to help support judicial officers and other court staff with administrative tasks. They assist with keeping documents organized and filed properly they process court documents and they relay information back and forth between attorneys and judicial officers.Some courts require that their deputy clerks be certified notary publics.

According to the website deputy clerks complete many administrative-related job duties on a daily basis which normally include filing court documents responding to inquiries about specific court cases generating court documents drafting correspondence maintaining jury lists and preparing jury instructions. Gain additional information on law jobs.

Depending on the specific job and court the formal educational requirement for a deputy clerk ranges from a high school diploma to a bachelor's degree. The job of a deputy clerk requires excellent computer and clerical skills as well as the ability to keep court-related information confidential. Additionally knowledge of how the judicial system works legal terminology and court rules are necessary for this profession.

Deputy clerks work directly with attorneys judges and others in the judicial system on a daily basis so it is necessary to be dressed professionally every day of the week. The Bureau of Labor Statistics report that the median yearly salary for deputy clerks ranges from $32344 to $36504 depending on the type of court local state or federal. Typically deputy clerks are in positions where higher salaries are given to those who have been on the job for many years.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $34424
High Salary: $36504
Low Salary: $32344
Tasks: Performs administrative duties to support court staff.
Reviews and processes court documents.
Enters case information into a computer database.
Maintains jury lists and issues jury summons.
Also Called: Clerk of Court
Court Administrator
Judicial Clerk
Deputy Court Clerk
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