Court Administrator

Court Administrators are individuals who have a strong interest in the law as well as business skills and have experience with both human resource and facilities management. They manage the staff activities and facilities of their respective courts. Additionally they are involved in planning for the needs of the court and submitting budget requests for the purpose of running the court. They hire train and evaluate court employees and they allocate space award service contracts and develop and implement policies and procedures for running the court on a day to day basis.

According to the websites and court administrators in large district state or federal courts have bachelor's degrees. Most have had coursework in judicial administration law public administration and business as well as familiarity with computers.

It is not uncommon for paralegals and law office clerks with business backgrounds to rise to the level of court administrator positions after they have had considerable experience with legislative processes budgets information systems facilities management and human resource management. In general court administrators usually need at least eight years of experience in court management including three years in a supervisory position.

Desirable attributes for those who aspire to this position are familiarity with the court system and legislative procedures as well as excellent communication and computer skills. The websites and report that annual salaries for court administrators depend upon location and experience but they range from approximately $52000 to $66000 per year plus benefits.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $59000
High Salary: $66000
Low Salary: $52000
Tasks: Manages court staff.
Implements policies and procedures.
Ensures that the court runs smoothly on a daily basis.
Allocates court space and schedules as necessary.
Also Called: Trial Court Administrator
Court Manager
Court Personnel Administrator
Court Budget Administrator
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