By-Law Enforcement Officer

A bylaw enforcement officer is law enforcement agent that deals with non-criminal offences and enforces codes and rules that are specific to local governmental boundaries. The term bylaw enforcement is used primarily in countries other than the United States.

In the United States a person with a bylaw enforcement officer job would cbe more commonly called a Code Enforcement Officer or a Municipal Regulations Officer. In the United Kingdom a bylaw enforcement officer may be called a Warden or an Inspector. In Australia they are referred to as Rangers or Local Law Officers.

Because of their authoritative role bylaw enforcement officers normally wear uniforms and many are retired police officers. Some of the responsibilities of a bylaw enforcement officer include animal control parking violations business regulation noise violations and other types of inspections. They often perform duties that police officers used to provide but do not provide any longer due to lack of time and funding.

For example a police officer often does not have enough time to respond to civil violations because they are too busy dealing with criminal and violent crimes. Other duties that bylaw enforcement officers often perform are providing security at court houses investigating non-criminal issues and writing parking tickets.

The minimum education required for this profession is a high school diploma but most employers want their officers to have at least an associates degree. According to the website bylaw enforcement officers earn between $16.50 and $41.27 per hour.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $60080.5
High Salary: $85841
Low Salary: $34320
Tasks: Deals with non-criminal offenses.
Enforces codes and rules.
Responds to civil violations.
Works as an animal control officer.
Also Called: Law Enforcement Employee
Local Laws Enforcer
Animal Control Officer
Parking & Traffic Enforcement Officers
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