A Barrister is similar to an attorney but does not have all of the same responsibilities that an attorney in the United States has. A barrister is more of an advocate for their clients rather than a Solicitor. In other words a barrister can provide legal opinions and expert legal advice to clients they may present information to a judge and a jury but they do not prepare evidence or work on pre-trial preparation.

In the United States there is a common law legal system and that system does not recognize Barristers or Solicitors. Rather in the United States there are attorneys or lawyers. Barristers work in countries such as England Wales and Scotland.

There are several characteristics that a barrister must have to be successful including intelligence the ability to write and interpret legal documents the capacity to conduct extensive legal research that will assist their clients cases excellent analytical skills a high demeanor when speaking in front of a court and the ability to deeply concentrate on legal cases.

A barrister must achieve a high level of education and must be Called to the Bar by an Inn of the Court before they can practice in this profession. Barristers are the individuals who are well known for wearing white wigs with curls in court on television shows and in movies and they also have historically worn a collar and gown.

According to in the United States the equivalent of a barrister makes an annual salary of approximately $88000 per year.

Education Required: Doctoral Degree
Avg Salary: $88443.5
High Salary: $118594
Low Salary: $58293
Tasks: Provides legal opinions.
Presents cases to the court.
Advocates for clients.
Must be
Also Called: Solicitor
Courtroom Advocate
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