There are many different types of writers. There are script writers poetry writers creative writers novel writers scientific writers newspaper writers freelance writers and many more variations. All writers although they may write for different sources publications or purposes have one thing in common they all generate written content that is intended to sparks an interest in one or more readers. Some writers are employed full-time or part-time by organizations such as newspaper or magazine publishers but most are self-employed and consider themselves to be freelance writers. Most writers no matter if they are employees of a company or if they work on a freelance basis must develop their own original written content work under strict deadlines and ensure that their final product contains entirely unique material. According to the website ww2.prospects.ac.uk writers must often conduct research and interview people in order to generate information for their writing. Additionally in the case of a writer who is developing a book constant communication with a book publisher or book agent is essential. In order to become a writer it is important to have a firm grasp of the language in which the writing will be completed. Writers cannot make grammatical errors in their work and the ability to proofread and edit their own work is mandatory. Most writers have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in an area such as English journalism or communication. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the salary range for writers can vary greatly depending on the employer and whether or not they work on a freelance or salaried basis. Typically writers earn between $28020 and $106630 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $67325
High Salary: $106630
Low Salary: $28020
Tasks: Selects topics and subjects.
Verifies facts to be included in writing.
Develops content for books, articles, or other publications.
Gathers and compiles information.
Also Called: Author
Freelance Writer
Fiction Writer
Non-Fiction Writer
Additional Resources: http://ww2.prospects.ac.uk/p/types_of_job/writer_job_description.jsp