There is an increasing need for people who can convert written material from one language to another. Translators are responsible for re-writing documents that were written in a “source” language into documents written in the “target” language which is usually the translator’s native tongue. However translators must have expert command of both languages in order to capture the true meaning of the source language when changing it into the target language. The website says that translators work on many types of documents ranging from scientific and technical to commercial literary or legal. There is no formal requirement for translators to have a specific degree or certification although some employers give preference to those holding an advanced degree in a foreign language. However some translators are bilingual from early childhood or they may attain fluency in a second language by residing for some period of time in a foreign country. Salaries for translators depend on their experience as well as on the organization for which they work. Also the more languages they know the greater their chances for employment especially when they can translate from languages that are not commonly known. Some organizations employ in-house translators but many translators work from their homes on a freelance basis. The website says that the average annual salary is approximately $38000 but can be $72000 or more if translators know more than two languages and if the languages in which they are fluent are not mainstream or familiar to very many people. For example those translating Spanish will most likely be compensated less than those translating Chinese.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $55000
High Salary: $72000
Low Salary: $38000
Tasks: Converts written words from one language to another.
Knows at least two languages fluently.
Attempts to translate documents word-for-word.
Maintains the meaning of what was originally written.
Also Called: Interpreter
Literary Translator
Language Translator
Legal Translator
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