Technical Writer

Technical writers explain scientific ideas and complex technical topics in a way that can be understood by a broad segment of readers who may not have a scientific background. In other words the job of the technical writer is to conduct research on the topic at hand and then translate complex technical details into written ideas or illustrations that can be grasped by regular people. Some technical writers have worked previously as scientists or technicians although this is not a firm requirement. Technical writers work for newspapers magazines publishing companies and wire services writing articles columns and stories on technical topics. Some write pamphlets for the federal government that describe the functions of government agencies or the progress being made in educational medical or aerospace research that is funded by the government. They may also be employed by colleges and universities as well as by business and trade magazines or even by insurance agencies. For manufacturing companies they write brochures and instruction manuals on how to use various types of equipment. Some work out of their homes on a freelance basis and are paid by the hour or by the job whereas others work in offices for a specific employer. The website says that technical writers need a college education typically a bachelor’s degree in science or engineering although majors in English or journalism with some background in science are acceptable. If they are employed by a publisher technical writers often start out in entry-level jobs doing research pm technical topics or assisting experienced writers before being promoted to the status of writers themselves. The employment outlook in this field is good and the median annual salary is approximately $53500.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $53500
High Salary: $63500
Low Salary: $43500
Tasks: Converts technical text into simple words and phrases.
Writes instruction manuals.
Prepares charts and graphs to accompany text.
Has scientific and/or technical knowledge.
Also Called: Freelance Writer
Scientific Writer
Instruction Manual Writer
Industrial Writer
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