Speech Therapist

A speech therapist is often referred to as a “speech pathologist.” Their main responsibilities include working with clients one-on-one to determine what types of speech language andor communication problems are present and how to treat such difficulties through therapy exercises and activities. Speech therapists no matter what their specialty all have a common goal to help their clients communicate better. According to www.buzzle.com speech therapists often work collectively with various health care professionals to determine the best treatment plans. However when clients are school-aged speech therapists often collaborate with teachers and school staff members to enhance speech therapy efforts. Speech therapists often work within a school setting where they conduct yearly tests on students to determine if any speech-related issues are present with individual children. And if speech issues are detected they work with students either privately or in groups to help improve their speech difficulties. Besides working within school systems many speech therapists work in physical therapy centers various types of medical facilities in private offices or they may work as traveling speech therapists who make house calls. Some of the typical speech disorders that speech therapists address include unclear speech stuttering accents and problems swallowing. The website www.healthcaresalaryonline.com states that the educational path to becoming a career as a speech therapist includes obtaining a master’s degree in speech-language pathology completing a clinical internship passing a required exam and becoming certified. Most states in the United States require certification. According to www.ehow.com the average yearly salary for a speech therapist is $63600.

Education Required: Master's Degree
Avg Salary: $63600
High Salary: $73600
Low Salary: $53600
Tasks: Studies and analyzes individuals with speech problems.
Suggests speech therapy techniques.
Monitors progress throughout speech therapy sessions.
Helps those who need assistance with improving communication skills.
Also Called: Speech-Language Pathologist
Language Pathologist
Language Therapist
Communication Therapist
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