Speech Technician

A speech technician is often called a “speech language pathology assistant” or a “SLPA.” They work with children as well as adults to treat issues related to speech impairments and speech disorders. Speech technicians work under the direct supervision of speech therapists or speech-language pathologists. Nonetheless their jobs are often hands-on with clients. Some of their typical responsibilities include assisting with speech screenings and helping with speech-related therapies that have been documented and directed by a speech therapist or speech-language pathologist. Some of the administrative duties assigned to a speech technician include recording background medical information in clients’ charts taking notes and writing down assessments in charts during appointments administering tests requested by speech therapists or speech-language pathologists compiling data gathered from tests and scheduling appointments. Typically speech technicians work anywhere a speech therapist or speech-language therapist may work such as a school a medical facility or a physical therapy clinic. The website www.asha.org states that speech technicians need a minimum of an associate’s degree. While the need for speech technicians remains high this career does not replace the need for certified speech therapists and speech-language pathologists. Speech technicians are employed primarily to assist therapists and pathologists and to ensure that the services received by clients are effective and of the highest quality possible. According to www.healthjobsstarthere.com the salary range for a speech technician is $24310 to $37080 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $30695
High Salary: $37080
Low Salary: $24310
Tasks: Assists speech-language pathologists.
Helps to treat various speech language disorders in children and adults.
Prepares and maintains client charts.
Schedules appointments and completes administrative duties.
Also Called: Speech Pathology Assistant
Language Pathology Assistant
Language Therapist Assistant
Speech-Language Pathology Technician
Additional Resources: http://www.healthjobsstarthere.com/resources/job/Speech-Language-Pathology-Assistant.html