Script Writer

Television shows movies radio programs and plays all depend on script writers who are responsible for developing the stories and the characters that have roles in one show or sometimes in a series of shows. Script writers work on a variety of projects ranging from lengthy motion pictures to a series of episodes ranging from soap operas to short commercials. Script writers usually attend rehearsals to see whether their written scripts translate well when parts are actually spoken. There are no formal educational requirements for a script writing career but most script writers have bachelor’s degrees and have taken courses in English and creative writing. The website says that many colleges offer courses on writing for theatrical productions television shows and movies. These courses specifically address technical skills that can help create dialogues story plots and characters that are interesting and inherently believable. Some script writers are employed full-time by television or radio stations or by motion picture studios. However many scriptwriters work on a freelance basis and get paid by the job. There is intense competition in this field so it is essential for script writers to maintain a well-established network through which they will be notified about available jobs. Many script writers have agents who are on the lookout for suitable script writing opportunities for their clients. It is also important for aspiring script writers to keep up with the trends on what kinds of actors and plots have resulted in successful movies and television shows. Script writers are often under pressure because they must meet deadlines when working on a project and once a project is finished they must search for the next one. The website says that scriptwriters earn between approximately $30700 and $71300 annually.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $51000
High Salary: $71300
Low Salary: $30700
Tasks: Writes stories for TV shows and movies.
Develops stories and characters.
Adheres to strict deadlines.
Tailors scripts depending on the intended audience.
Also Called: Broadcasting Scriptwriter
Screenplay Writer
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