Scientific Writer

Scientific writers who are sometimes referred to as “science journalists” or “scientific journal writers” write and edit articles on scientific topics for business trade magazines and professional publications. Their articles may be published in print or online. According to the website the goal of a science writer is to convey complex scientific information using language that people who are not experts in the field can comprehend. At the same time however the information must be accurate. The exact nature of the job depends in part on the specific field of science. In general however science writers conduct research to search for scientific references that they will include in their articles select any artwork or diagrams that will appear in their articles and make sure the articles they write adhere to an agreed upon style with the editor of the publication. In order to stay aware of changes in their field of study they often attend academic conferences visit research institutes and interview scientists that are on the cutting edge of their specific profession. Many scientific writers have a network of scientific experts with whom they consult when writing an article. Scientific writers have bachelor’s degrees but many have master’s or even doctoral degrees often in a field related to the one about which they write. Some scientific writers work full-time for a specific publication whereas others work on a freelance basis out of their homes writing articles for various publication companies. According to the website the base pay for scientific writers with average experience is $35000 but it goes up to $65000 for those with more experience.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $50000
High Salary: $65000
Low Salary: $35000
Tasks: Writes about scientific research studies.
Composes and edits scientific abstracts.
Publishes articles in scholarly journals.
Understands and communicates complex scientific information.
Also Called: Technical Writer
Scientific Editor
Scientific Journalist
Scientific Freelance Writer
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