Poets are individuals that write using a particular form or genre to convey their thoughts andor feelings. Some poets focus on one genre whereas others write poetry for many venues. Those writing lyric poetry for music usually express their personal feelings. Those writing verses to entertain people often want to convey humor. Poets must be highly dedicated working at their craft consistently in order to perfect their skill. There is not a specific formal credential for becoming a poet but those who wish to pursue this goal should start by entering poetry contests so that their work becomes noticed locally or nationally. They should also read as much poetry as possible attend poetry readings and join poetry clubs. According to the website www.wisegeek.com there are very few jobs specifically for poets so the market for this type of work is extremely limited. Some publishers are willing to print poems but they are often not willing to pay for publishing the work. Nonetheless aspiring poets often gain exposure by allowing a poem to be published without obtaining financial compensation. Aspiring poets must work hard to market their work. In some cases they must self-publish their work just so it gets exposure. The goal is that eventually a magazine or even a book company will publish their poems and pay them a royalty that is typically a percentage of the profit. Coffee houses or local bookstores often feature poets who do in-person readings for a fee. One source of income for poets could also come from legitimate greeting card companies which pay for poems or may even hire poets on a salaried basis to write poems for new greeting cards. Poets can be faculty members at colleges and universities in which case they earn a salary. However many poets work at other jobs and practice their craft during their off-hours.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $56000
High Salary: $96000
Low Salary: $16000
Tasks: Expresses thoughts through writing.
Writes and publishes books of poems.
Creates lyrics for songs.
Enters poetry contests to gain exposure.
Also Called: Lyricist
Creative Writer
Poetic Writer
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