Book Reviewer

Book reviewers who are sometimes just called reviewers must be able to read quickly and thoroughly because they often get paid based on how many books they can read and critique. They must also be able to think critically and must be skilled at writing succinctly. It is also important for book reviewers to meet deadlines.

Some book reviewers work for publishing houses that ask them to read books and give their opinion. It is difficult to obtain employment as a book reviewer without experience. However individuals aspiring to this career can volunteer to review books for websites and then develop a portfolio of these reviews when seeking paid job with a publisher.

The next step would be to write objective and responsible freelance reviews for websites or local publications such as church newsletters or neighborhood bulletins. After that a book reviewer may be ready to seek employment doing freelance reviews for a larger publisher such as Publishers Weekly. These freelance reviews pay about $50 per review and the reviewer often gets a free copy of the book. Such paid freelance review jobs can often be found using online searches for book reviewer position. reports that salaries for book reviewer jobs vary widely and depend upon employer location industry and experience. However the average annual salary is $54000.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $54000
High Salary: $64000
Low Salary: $44000
Tasks: Reads books and provides opinions of the writing.
Reads quickly and meets strict deadlines for reviews.
Writes concise and meaningful reviews of books, articles, or other written pieces.
Writes objective and non-opinionated reviews.
Also Called: Reviewer
Freelance Reviewer
Professional Reviewer
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