Ambassadors are government-appointed officials who act as representatives of the United States in the foreign countries in which they live. They must be knowledgeable and understanding about the culture and country in which they live but they also need to always look out for their home countrys best interests.

As delegates to the United Nations ambassadors from all nations work with each other to pass legislation that is beneficial for all countries of the world. Therefore ambassadors need to have an understanding of international issues. Since ambassadors are government appointed officials the best way to begin a career as an ambassador is to work in government or politics and form relationships with government officials.

A degree in political science international studies history or economics is helpful. It would also be beneficial to speak the language in the country you would like to live in. Most ambassadors have at least a Bachelors degree although the majority have graduate degrees as well.  Find a degree in political science.

There is usually a lot of travel involved in this career as ambassadors travel throughout the foreign country in which they live and travel to the United States and back quite often. The average yearly salary for an ambassador is about $150000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $150000
High Salary: $154600
Low Salary: $145400
Tasks: Speaks for the President of the United States in other countries.
Acts as a representative for their home country.
Serves as a delegate for the United Nations.
Prepares reports on international events.
Also Called: Diplomat
Foreign Minister
Governmental Figure
Foreign Affairs Ambassador
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