Wholesale Buyer

It is the job of wholesale buyers to purchase items to be stocked and sold in various types of retail establishments. In order to predict what types of items will sell successfully in their employer’s store they must look at past customer buying trends the asking price of bulk items and the quality of the items being sold. Based on these and other factors wholesale buyers make decisions on which items to purchase and how much to pay for bulk merchandise. According to the website www.bestjobdescriptions.com wholesale buyers are responsible for locating desirable inventory negotiating prices placing orders recommending retail prices and monitoring the sales success of products. The ultimate goal of wholesale buyers is to choose items that can be purchased in bulk for low prices and can be re-sold for a significant profit. Therefore in order to be successful in this profession the ability to predict market trends and estimate the amount customers will be willing to spend on merchandise is essential. The website www.jobdescriptionsandduties.org states the importance of the ability to negotiate with suppliers and maintain excellent professional relationships with them. Maintaining records of retail sales is important so that wholesale managers can determine which products were sold and which ones made the most profit for the store. Wholesale buyers must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a subject related to business or marketing. The website www.salaylist.com reports that the salary range for wholesale buyers is $24000 to $91312 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $57656
High Salary: $91312
Low Salary: $24000
Tasks: Buys items in bulk for retail establishments.
Analyzes buying trends.
Locates inventory.
Negotiates prices for wholesale purchases.
Also Called: Retail Buyer
Inventory Buyer
Merchandise Buyer
Additional Resources: http://www.bestjobdescriptions.com/retail/wholesale-buyers-job-description