Foreign Attach

A foreign attach is a professional who works with foreign diplomats and their staff. As an official member of the diplomatic staff a foreign attach works to move the political and strategic goals of their home country forward and to develop political relationships with members of their host countrys governmental officials. They help to influence agreements made between countries in relation to the military finance trade policy and environmental issues. It is helpful if not imperative for all foreign diplomats and attaches to be fluent in one or more foreign languages especially the language that is commonly spoken in the county in which they are assigned. Because the foreign attach must work closely with high ranking governmental or military personnel in foreign countries its essential that there is no breakdown in communication simply because a language barrier exists. In addition to being able to speak one or more foreign languages its essential that the foreign attach is extremely knowledgeable about foreign affairs foreign policy and world history. A foreign attachs job is particularly important because they directly affect the relationship between the country in which they are stationed and the country in which they represent. According to the better the relationship skills and knowledge of foreign policy the better the chances of a foreign attach eventually moving into a position as an ambassador. The website lists the average salary for a foreign attach at $66000 per year. However along with the salary comes prestige and living expenses in the country to which they are assigned.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $66000
High Salary: $76000
Low Salary: $56000
Tasks: Speaks one or more foreign languages.
Works abroad.
Develops political relationships with government officials.
Works with foreign diplomats.
Also Called: Ambassador
Foreign Service Specialist
Foreign Service Diplomat
Foreign Diplomat
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