Window Display Designer

Window display designers are responsible for adorning windows in stores with merchandise displays. The goal of a window display is to entice potential shoppers to enter a store and purchase something. Window display designer who are sometimes called “merchandise displayers” “window dressers” or “visual merchandisers” are the individuals who create such displays. They usually start by making sketches or using computer-aided software to plan a display. Once their employer or client approves the design they proceed to build it using paper cloth and paint and with fixtures of materials such as plastic word cardboard or canvas. Many window display designers work as freelancers either part-time or full-time so they are under pressure to please their clients and also attract new ones. According to the website window display designers need a high school diploma with courses in art and technical classes such as shop. However some employers only hire those who have taken college courses in advertising decorating fashion and interior design. Such courses are available at community colleges art institutions or schools of fashion merchandising. Some window display designers start out working as sales clerks or assistant window dressers. Salaries vary widely depending on location employer experience and creative talent. Annual earnings range from $15000 up to $51000. This occupation is sensitive to the state of the economy. When the economy is not strong window display designers often experience layoffs. However merchandisers are becoming savvy about the need to compete for limited business so they may engage a window display designer to render their wares appealing to as many consumers as possible.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $33055
High Salary: $50960
Low Salary: $15150
Tasks: Plans and puts together merchandise displays.
Sketches design ideas.
Knows how to highlight specific products.
Arranges mannequins and other display props.
Also Called: Display Designer
Merchandise Designer
Showcase Designer
Window Dresser
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