Layout Designer

A layout designer is sometimes called a layout artist or graphics design professional. Individuals in this profession are experts at taking all of the elements that make up a printed page such as text images pictures and advertisements and piece them together in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Layout designers have an extremely good eye for color contrast and knowing how to “weigh” a page with the correct mix of components. They also have a high level of knowledge of the many fonts available within computer programs that can be used to enhance or emphasize words on a page. The website states that layout designers must have excellent technical and computer skills because most of today’s layout work involves manipulating images and text with graphics software. However there is still an occasional need for layout designers to have the skills to manually lay out their work using old-fashioned supplies such as paper scissors and tape. According to the website there is no specific educational requirement for a job as a layout designer but most employers require a minimum of an associate’s degree. There are many graphics design educational programs available at community colleges and vocational schools and they teach the basics of design theory graphics communications and how to use various types of computer design software. According to the website obtaining a formal education in this field can help layout designers understand why different types of designs work better than others for conveying a message. Some of the typical employers of layout designers include newspapers magazines publishers advertising agencies and public relations firms. The average salary for a layout designer is between $25000 and $55000 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $40000
High Salary: $55000
Low Salary: $25000
Tasks: Knows how to use graphics design software.
Lays out graphics and text in a aesthetically pleasing manner.
Chooses appropriate typeface for text.
Manipulates graphics and images to fit a specific space.
Also Called: Graphic Designer
Graphic Artist
Layout Artist
Graphics Communications Designer
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