Interior Designer

Interior designers create plans for living spaces that include colors for walls type of flooring and lighting fixtures and both type texture and arrangement of furniture. According to the website their work is not confined to home interiors because they may also create designs for new or renovated offices shopping malls airport terminals schools libraries hospitals restaurants and other commercial spaces. Their goal is to design spaces that are not only attractive and interesting but also functional and safe. Particularly when creating designs for new buildings they often work closely with builders and contractors on designs that will be appropriate for spaces of a certain size. When working with both contractors and individual clients they are usually required to stay within a set budget. Some interior designers have a degree in architecture but many take courses in interior design and apply for jobs at private firms usually starting as junior interior designers until they have sufficient experience to rise to more senior positions. Having a portfolio of designs is helpful in securing a job. Those who are able to produce innovative designs and are good at communicating with clients often succeed without having a specific degree in interior design. According to the website the wages interior designers earn depend upon talent experience location and size of the firm for which they work. Entry level annual salaries are approximately $30000 but after five to seven years of experience the level can increase to approximately $55000. Interior designers with extensive experience can earn well over $100000 a year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $65000
High Salary: $100000
Low Salary: $30000
Tasks: Uses creative ideas to transform residential and commercial spaces.
Works with builders, contractors, and individual homeowners or business owners.
Decides what type of furniture would look good in a room.
Uses contrast and color to develop a theme.
Also Called: Interior Decorator
Room Decorator
Home Interior Decorator
Commercial Interior Decorator
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