Interior Design Tech

Interior designers often need the assistance of professional assistants who are trained in the field of interior design but who do not have the experience or desire to handle large-scale interior design jobs on their own. Interior design technicians are experienced and educated designers who are employed to help higher-level designers with administrative duties provide artistic support to designers and manage interior design projects. states that interior design technicians often help designers by conducting research on different fabrics and materials that are available compiling a palate of colors for a specific job and purchasing items needed by the designer. One extremely important characteristic that interior design technicians must possess is the ability to be creative. They must also be able to follow the lead of the interior designer for whom they are working as well as be willing to perform clerical duties on an as-needed basis. Skills with computer aided design software programs and knowledge of basic architecture is also helpful. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the most popular employers of interior design technicians include design firms or independent interior designers. Most interior design technicians have achieved a minimum of an associate’s degree but many have a bachelor’s degree from a college that offers a major in design or an art-related subject. The website states that interior design technicians typically earn a salary between $41646 and $66979 per year. However if they eventually move into a higher level position or become an independent interior designer their salary potential can increase significantly.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $54312.5
High Salary: $66979
Low Salary: $41646
Tasks: Provides administrative support to interior designers.
Helps with project management.
Researches furniture and fabrics.
Arranges meetings with vendors and clients.
Also Called: Interior Design Assistant
Assistant Designer
Design Technician
Interior Design Administrator
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