Decorator and Painter

A new coat of paint can do wonders for the look of a room. In fact adding color to walls or even adding a fresh coat of white paint can create a new ambiance and atmosphere. However as states "being a painter and decorator is not just about slapping on a coat of paint." A painter who is also a "decorator" is someone who has an eye for excellent color combinations and knows how to communicate with clients to determine what shades textures and designs should be used to achieve desired results.

Not only must s a painter who is also skilled as a decorator have a high level of knowledge in painting techniques such as how to apply paint to various types of textured walls and how to achieve different types of faux or decorative finishes but they must also be skilled at calculating the cost of jobs so that accurate price quotes can be given to customers. Other skills necessary for this profession are artistic ability not having a fear of heights or using ladders and scaffolding and a desire to work efficiently and neatly.

Normally customers who are having their homes or offices painted and decorated want the work completed as quickly as possible because having a painter who works slowly can become extremely frustrating and interfering. Therefore a painter and decorator must work as quickly as possible while still completing the job in a proficient manner.

There is no formal education requirement to become a professional painter and decorator but many who are successful in this career have achieved a minimum of an associate's degree in interior design or decorating and most complete an apprenticeship before working independently.

Many painters and decorators are self-employed and depending on the level of experience and the level of reputation the yearly salary for this profession can be $60000 per year or more.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $60000
High Salary: $70000
Low Salary: $50000
Tasks: Chooses paint colors for walls.
Has an excellent eye for color.
Knows how to utilize complementary and contrasting colors.
Utilizes textures and designs to create a decorated room.
Also Called: Interior Decorator
House Painter
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