Color Consultant

Its often obvious when a color consultant has been hired to choose the wall colors in a home office or retail establishment because its immediately noticeable that the room or space looks welcoming balanced and coordinated.

Whether color choices are needed for a night club or a bedroom a color consultant is trained to have an extremely sensitive and artistic sense of what colors match compliment and contrast each other the most effectively. The most professional color consultants do not push their favorite or trendy colors upon their clients. Rather they evaluate their customers needs and make suggestions based on the space in question as well as the rooms use.

Color consultants do not walk into a room with white walls and instruct the walls to be painted blue for example. Instead they may suggest different shades or entirely different colors that can be used in combination with each other.

A color consultant is not the same as an interior designer and does not receive the same sort of formal education. There are schools and organizations such as the International Association of Color Consultants that offer seminars on color but the most important characteristics of a professional color consultant is an artistic eye and the ability to work with their clients to achieve desired results.

Most color consultants are self-employed and develop their business through word-of-mouth recommendations and professional relationships built with interior designers customer furniture stores and other similar professionals.

According to professional and talented color consultants can expect to earn between $82000 and $149000 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $115500
High Salary: $149000
Low Salary: $82000
Tasks: Has an eye for matching, complimentary and contrasting colors.
Helps clients create a "mood" for a room or space using color combinations.
Uses color to create a welcoming appearance.
Creates balance with the use of different colors in a room.
Also Called: Decorator
Color Designer
Paint Color Consultant
Architectural Color Consultant
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