Software Engineer

Computers would be of little use to the average person or business if they did not have any software or computer programs installed in them to make them work. These programs which make it possible for computers to serve many purposes are constantly being developed and updated by computer software engineers. Computer software programs are basically logical sets of instructions written in a language that computers understand and use to solve problems. It is the computer software engineer that develops these logical instruction sets or improves upon older ones. Computer software engineers are employed by the government educational institutions and the software manufacturing industry. If they work for large companies they usually supervise computer programmers who write the code needed to carry out the steps of the programs they have developed. The website says that aspiring computer software engineers need a college degree in computer science or software engineering. For developing more complex programs they may need a graduate degree. Computer software engineers do not stop their training once they earn a degree because they must constantly update their knowledge about new computer languages and technologies. Some computer software engineers focus on applications program software which is designed to accomplish a specific task. Others concentrate on software that companies need to link together computers that are located in various departments. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that computer software engineers have much better than average job prospects because of increased networking internet use and applications on mobile devices. Also they are needed to devise anti-virus programs and firewalls that will protect against malicious hackers. The median annual salary for computer software engineers is approximately $81000

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $81000
High Salary: $91000
Low Salary: $71000
Tasks: Develops computer software programs.
Writes computer software code.
Tests and verifies that newly developed computer programs function properly.
Works with clients to determine software needs.
Also Called: Software Engineer
Computer Engineer
Software Developer
Computer Applications Software Engineer
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