Personal Computer Support Specialist

PC support specialists sometimes called “PC technicians” “computer troubleshooters” “desktop support specialists” or “help-desk technicians” perform a variety of tasks that keep personal computers (PCs) in good working order. According to the website they install and test PCs and they run diagnostic programs and repair problems related to both hardware and software. They also give advice about computer needs and technical issues. PC support specialists work in many different settings. They work for big companies and businesses institutions such as colleges and universities big-box computer electronics stores as well as smaller specialty computer stores or for companies that actually manufacture computers. Some work for help-desk support services that have contracts with various companies or institutions or they may be self-employed. In some cases they try to resolve problems over the phone but they also make in-person calls when clients need assistance. PC support specialists usually need at least an associate’s degree with courses in mathematics and computer science. However certifications from companies such as Microsoft can be beneficial for their resumes. However those with no formal degree but that have extensive experience exceptional skills and a solid understanding of how computers work can sometimes qualify for PC support specialist jobs. Regardless of their formal training PC support specialists must spend time keeping up with the latest information technology developments. According to the website PC support specialists with full-time jobs earn a median annual salary of approximately $40500. Those working on a freelance basis earn between $60 and $90 per hour.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $113850
High Salary: $187200
Low Salary: $40500
Tasks: Installs and tests personal computers.
Repairs broken PCs in homes or offices.
Runs automatic diagnostics programs to resolve computer problems.
Trains computer users in how to use new computer hardware and software.
Also Called: PC Technician
Computer Troubleshooter
Desktop Support Specialist
Help Desk Technician
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