Information Technologist

Information technologies specialists are professionals who have a strong interest in information technology and a desire to be in charge of directing and developing how information technology is used for businesses or corporations. The website says that information technologies specialists usually work with companies or organizations often on teams to ensure that the technology infrastructure used by the business or organization is fully operational. In addition they are responsible for keeping up with new developments in technology and of apprising company management as to the need for new technology or updates in existing technology. They are the go-to people when employees in the organization need assistance with understanding or using the technology that is installed and they often provide training to employees or associates on how to use the technology to store access or retrieve information. According to the website information technologies specialists have degrees in engineering information technology management information systems library and information science or related disciplines. They must have excellent quantitative skills and be good at critical thinking and solving problems but they also need strong communication skills because they are often called upon to explain technology to those with little background in the area. To be hired as information technologies specialists individuals usually need a strong academic record and between one and three years of related work experience. Information technologies specialists earn between approximately $38000 and $66000 a year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $52000
High Salary: $66000
Low Salary: $38000
Tasks: Helps co-workers with technical issues.
Supports the information processing department of a company.
Ensures the correct installation of computer programs.
Sets up employee computer systems.
Also Called: IT Specialist
Computer Support Specialist
Help Desk Technician
Technical Support Specialist
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