Database Developer

When a company needs immediate access to a list of customer names and addresses there is only one convenient place to find the information – in a database that contains this and more information which can be manipulated and sorted in any number of ways. Not only do companies use databases to store customer information but databases are used to archive all types of facts figure numbers records and statistics.

The role of a database developer is to design a specific computer software program that meets the needs of a company. Databases must be able to accommodate new information that is constantly being added and changed it must be easy enough to use that individuals with a minimal amount of training can utilize it and it must be easy to run queries on it so that information can be easily found.

A database developer is responsible for training others on how to use the system they must be able to provide technical support to the database's users and they should be able to make changes or fixes to the software if it is not working properly.

According to database developers are the ones who "determine how data should be organized." Most companies that employ database developers require that a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related discipline has been achieved plus a demonstrated ability to create databases as well experience with specific computer software programming languages. reports that the average salary for a database developer is $85000 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $85000
High Salary: $95000
Low Salary: $75000
Tasks: Designs computer database software.
Provides technical support for database users.
Trains users on how to use the software.
Adds enhancements to the software on an as-needed basis.
Also Called: Software Developer
Database Administrator
Software Engineer
Database Engineer
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