Data Analyst

Data analysts enjoy working with numbers are detail-oriented have a strong background in math and science and enjoy spending most of their time in front of a computer. Data analysts understand database design data storage and management and data security. They are knowledgeable about algorithms used to make predictions based on the database they are given and they understand how to ensure the integrity of the database.

According to the website data analysts have expertise in computer models used to create an accurate picture of data patterns. They are familiar with the latest computer software that will be suited to analyzing data for the specific industry in which they work.

Data analysts play an important behind-the scenes role in various industries. They work for insurance companies to determine how much consumers should pay for life disability and liability insurance coverage. They also work for political establishments analyzing polling data which guide political candidates as to the most important areas and populations where they should concentrate their campaign efforts. They are employed by the health care industry as well as the financial industry and some work for the government.

To qualify for this career individuals need at least a two-year associate's degree but a four-year degree with a background in statistics math computer science economics and business is preferable. Pay for data analysts depends on experience as well as the industry for which they work.

According to the websites and their average annual earnings are usually between $80000 and $110000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $95000
High Salary: $110000
Low Salary: $80000
Tasks: Analyzes complex data.
Compiles data into graphs and charts.
Determines patterns in gathered data.
Projects future trends based on data reports.
Also Called: Data Auditor
Data Collector
Data Statistician
Data Researcher
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