Computer Programmer

A mere 30 years ago the computer software that was being used by the masses was extremely basic. However because of the hard work and dedication of talented computer software programmers the advanced and complex computer software that is available for use today has literally changed the way the world functions.

Computer software programmers use several types of computer languages such as C++ Java and COBOL to develop new and enhanced software programs that have taken the ability to store and manipulate data and information to a new level. Computer software programmers work in various settings and depending on the industry for which the computer programs are being written different computer languages are used. Therefore computer software programmers often specialize or are experts at one or two specific languages.

As states its often simple for a computer software programmer to develop a basic program in a short amount of time but it can take months or even years to develop a complex program and the development of a complex program not only requires extreme knowledge of the computer language but also the use of complex mathematical formulas.

Computer software must go through several phases before it is released to the public or to the organization which requested its development. In very general terms the first stage of computer software is the initial development the next phase is testing and debugging the software and the third phase is releasing the software in a Beta format.

A computer software programmer can then work for the entire life of the software on fixing its problems. According to most computer software programmers have a minimum of a bachelors degree but some have masters degrees and the median annual salary of computer software programmers is about $69620.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $69620
High Salary: $79620
Low Salary: $59620
Tasks: Develops new computer software.
Tests computer software for problems.
Fixes computer software problems.
Specializes in one or two computer languages.
Also Called: Software Developer
Software Analyst
Software Engineer
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