Welders are skilled craftsmen that operate both manual and semi-automatic equipment for the purpose of fusing metal segments together so that they will be permanently joined. Their work involves operating torches that generate extreme heat. It is important that they have excellent eye-hand coordination because they are often required to manipulate or put together small parts and to adjust controls on the equipment they are using. It is critical that they adhere to strict safety precautions and wear safety goggles hoods and protective eye gear. They must be familiar with all the equipment they use during the course of their work day so that they can be on the alert for any malfunctions as well as any defects in materials. Welders are responsible for the routine maintenance of their equipment and for determining when equipment needs major repairs. Welders must be physically fit in general because much of their work calls for climbing and stooping as well as lifting moving and balancing heavy materials. Welders are employed in several industries including construction utilities and manufacturing. There are generally good job opportunities for welders but they may need to be flexible as to where they work. The website www.ehow.com says that welders should have a minimum of a high school diploma and many positions require apprenticeships.. Many take training courses at trade schools community colleges or private welding schools. Individuals can also learn welding skills in the U.S. military. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the average annual base salary for welders is approximately $31400.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Apprenticeship
Avg Salary: $31408
High Salary: $33408
Low Salary: $29408
Tasks: Uses welding equipment.
Joins metal objects together.
Works from drawings or blueprints.
Monitors welding equipment for safety and functionality.
Also Called: Welding Craftsman
Brazing Worker
Soldering Worker
Metal Fitter
Additional Resources: http://www.bestjobdescriptions.com/construction/welder-job-description