Welder or Fitter

Welder-fitters know how to interpret drawings lay out materials and weld pieces of metal together so they are adjoined permanently. Welding is necessary in many industries and most predominately in the fields of building construction ship building airplane construction automobile fabrication and the manufacturing of large appliances equipment and machinery. The most common locations for welder-fitters to work include inside of manufacturing plants at construction sites in shipyards at bridge or tunnel construction sites in mines and inside of equipment repair shops. While it is possible to work as a welder-fitter on a self-employed basis many are employed by large and small corporations. A welder-fitter must have the knowledge and experience to read blueprints and also to lay out and cut materials that will be used for specific projects. For many jobs welder-fitters must have specialized knowledge especially when dealing with “precision” welding. The website www.occupationalinfo.org states that welder-fitters must have the knowledge to select the proper equipment and they must be adept at working with various types of parts and pieces that must be adjoined. Additionally a mastery of a multitude of welding machines torches valves and components is necessary. According to www.ehow.com welder-fitters must obtain a high school diploma or a GED and then work as an apprentice for up to four years before working independently. Additional experience is ongoing and gained through on-the-job training. The typical salary range for a welder-fitter is $12 to $19 per hour and welder-fitters usually work a standard 40-hour work week.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Apprenticeship
Avg Salary: $32240
High Salary: $39520
Low Salary: $24960
Tasks: Connects metal pieces together.
Works in shipyards, mines and construction sites.
Uses welding machinery and various welding techniques.
Plans welding operations.
Also Called: Metal Welder
Metal Fabricator
Structural Welder
Additional Resources: http://www.ehow.com/facts_5603129_welder-fitter-job-description.html