Water Well Driller

With an ever-increasing world population the need for fresh and potable water remains at an all-time high. Clean water is necessary not only for widely-populated regions of the world but also for remote and rural areas where easy access to clean above-ground water is not readily available. Water well drillers are responsible for using water well drilling equipment to tap into sources of water that exist beneath the earth’s surface. Once a drill locates a water source underground water well drillers help to install water pumps and other equipment that is used to retrieve the water from the well and transport it to pipes that carry the water to treatment plants and other water purification facilities. A water well driller must be comfortable utilizing and operating heavy machinery and they must be comfortable working in an outdoor environment for a majority of their workday. Water well drillers work in all types of weather conditions and on all types of terrain and therefore they must be comfortable with being exposed to the earth’s natural elements as they complete their jobs. Water well drillers are often exposed to loud noises a lot of dirt and mud and various types of potentially dangerous machinery and equipment. Water well drillers are hired or employed for the purpose of drilling for irrigation industrial or residential purposes. The typical employers of water well drillers include various governmental entities private water well drilling companies or they may be self-employed. The educational requirement for a job as a water well driller is a high school diploma or a GED and the completion of an apprenticeship or an associate’s degree with courses in the subject areas of geology math and chemistry. According to the website careers.stateuniversity.com the median annual salary for a water well driller is approximately $33570 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Apprenticeship
Avg Salary: $33570
High Salary: $36570
Low Salary: $30570
Tasks: Operates drilling rigs.
Drills wells.
Installs water pumps.
Plugs and/or caps old wells.
Also Called: Drilling Rig Operator
Well-Drill Operator
Well-Reactivator Operator
Rotary Driller
Additional Resources: http://www.careerplanner.com/DOT-Job-Descriptions/WELL-DRILL-OPERATOR.cfm