Textile Technologist

Textile technologists who are sometimes called “clothing technologists” or “garment technologists” usually perform a range of duties involving the development and proper use of yarns fibers and both natural and synthetic fabrics that are often but not limited to the manufacture of clothing. They are knowledgeable about which fabrics are in fashion and they may work with designers to determine how best to adapt fabric to the clothing styles that will be manufactured. They may assist in the creation of samples to determine whether the dye print and other characteristics of the textiles meet the expected standards of quality. Some textile technologists spend their time developing new manmade products and synthetic fibers and determining how best to use dyes so that they will maintain their pigment during the manufacturing process. They may work on developing techniques to ensure that fabrics are flame-resistant water-resistant shrink-proof and durable. The website ww2.prospects.ac.uk says the textile technologists must have a basic background in chemistry and physics a firm understanding of textile characteristics and they must also be familiar with computer technology which they often use to conduct research on various kinds of textiles. According to the website www.ehow.com textile technologists need to earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in a field such as textile manufacturing or garment technology. They usually serve in apprentice programs with garment or textile manufacturing companies either during or after completing their formal education. Earnings for textile technologists depend on the size of the company for which they work their years of experience and their level of expertise. According to www.indeed.com the average yearly salary is $56000.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $56000
High Salary: $66000
Low Salary: $46000
Tasks: Performs quality control examinations on textiles.
Identifies fabric trends.
Determines the best materials to use for specific designs.
Works with natural and synthetic materials.
Also Called: Clothing Technologist
Fabric Technologist
Garment Technologist
Material Technologist
Additional Resources: http://ww2.prospects.ac.uk/p/types_of_job/clothing_textile_technologist_job_description.jsp