Steel Fabricator

A steel fabricator is commonly referred to as a “structural steel fitter.” This profession involves preparing large or small pieces of steel for the purpose of creating a large or small structure or frame that is made from different shapes and pieces of steel andor a combination of miscellaneous materials which must be precisely fit together. A steel fabricator is not necessarily responsible for drawing the blueprints for a project but they must be able to read drawings and prepare and cut steel and other metal pieces that will be used in the fabrication process. Many industries rely on the work of steel fabricators. For example steel fabricators are commonly involved in the production of fabricated steel pieces for the construction transportation and agricultural industries. Many steel fabricators are experienced welders but some focus their entire careers on the cutting and shaping of steel instead of joining pieces together using welding equipment. Additionally some steel fabricators are experienced using soldering equipment. According to steel fabricators are primarily responsible for ensuring that both large and small steel pieces fit together perfectly and that the steel is cut to the exact thickness that is necessary to complete a job. The website describes a steel fabricator as a professional who can bend andor mold metal into specific shapes so that it can be used for its intended purpose. The typical educational path to becoming a steel fabricator includes achieving a high school diploma or a GED obtaining a certificate or diploma from a technical or vocational school and completing an apprenticeship. The website states that steel fabricators usually earn between $31032 and $46151 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Apprenticeship
Avg Salary: $38591.5
High Salary: $46151
Low Salary: $31032
Tasks: Interprets blueprints.
Assembles steel pieces and products.
Works in a manufacturing or production plant.
Operates production machinery.
Also Called: Structural Steel Fitter
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