Sprinkler System Repairer and Installer

A sprinkler system installer is responsible for all aspects of setting up a lawn or landscape irrigation water drip or sprinkler system. The process by which a sprinkler system is installed includes evaluating the area in which the system is to be added and taking note of any and all obstacle in the way such as sidewalks fences tree roots and permanent structures. A sprinkler system installer is responsible for creating a preliminary sketch of the system based on the watering needs of the lawn or landscaping. Once the drawings are finalized a sprinkler system installer lays out the sprinkler tubing so that it will cover the desired area. Once the tubing is laid out a sprinkler system installer must dig trenches cut the tubing fuse the ends of connecting tubing together and hook the system up to the main water line. Additionally a sprinkler system installer must be able to connect the sprinkler system to an electrical control system so that it will run on a scheduled basis. A sprinkler system installer must be experienced at using various types of tools and equipment and must be able to dig trenches either by hand or by using tools and machinery so that the sprinkler system’s tubing can be buried. Once the system is completed a sprinkler system installer must make adjustments to ensure that the water reaches the desired areas correctly. There is not a particular formal educational requirement for becoming a sprinkler system installer but most employers prefer that their installers have a minimum of a high school diploma or a GED. According to the website www.cbsalary.com the average yearly salary that a sprinkler system installer earns is $22530.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $22530
High Salary: $24530
Low Salary: $20530
Tasks: Installs underground lawn sprinkler systems.
Lays out plastic or copper tubing.
Digs trenches to create space for sprinkler tubing.
Connects sprinkler system tubing to water line.
Also Called: Lawn Sprinkler Installer
Drip Irrigation Installer
Irrigation Installer
Landscape Sprinkler Installer
Additional Resources: http://www.careerplanner.com/DOT-Job-Descriptions/LAWN-SPRINKLER-INSTALLER.cfm