Sheet Metal Worker

Sheet metal workers make install and maintain building structures that are composed of sheet metal. Sheet metal is used for the heating air conditioning and ventilation ducts found in most buildings and sheet metal workers that specialize in heating ventilation and air-conditioning systems are sometimes called “HVAC technicians”. However sheet metal workers can also install and repair sheet metal used for siding roof flashings gutters and downspouts. They may also work on building bridges and on the structure for high-rise buildings. Their skills are essential to ensure the safety of these structures. Prior to installing anything they first make precise measurements to determine the exact size and angles of the sheet metal needed for the job. Then they cut the sheet metal with power tools and drill holes for screws bolts and rivets. Nowadays most sheet metal workers use computer-controlled saws lasers presses and shears in order to minimize any waste. According to the website sheet metal workers need a high school diploma or the equivalent. The best way to learn the trade is through an apprenticeship program which lasts four to five years. This program includes formal classroom instruction on basic mathematics needed for doing layouts drafting and reading blueprints. The practical part of the apprenticeship trains aspiring sheet metal workers in skills in using tools and handling materials for this type of work. It is also possible to become a sheet metal worker by working as a helper to experienced sheet metal workers and taking courses at vocational or technical schools but this route may take longer than the formal apprenticeship. Sheet metal workers earn a median wage of approximately $17 an hour.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Apprenticeship
Avg Salary: $35547
High Salary: $40547
Low Salary: $30547
Tasks: Makes sheet metal parts for various products.
Cuts sheetmetal by hand or by utilizing tools and machinery.
Measures, cuts, bends and shapes pieces of sheet metal.
Assembles and installs sheet metal for various purposes.
Also Called: Metal Fabricator
Sheet Metal Factory Worker
Metal Manufacturer
Sheet Metal Machinist
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