If there is anything people need in order to have a good quality life it is a roof over their heads. Roofs protect the interior of buildings and ensure that occupants are safe and comfortable regardless of outdoor weather conditions. Roofers inspect and repair roofs. They also tear off old roofs and replace them with new ones. Most roofers install roofs made of shingles slate tiles or metal. They also repair or replace strips of roof flashing where the roof meets walls and vents. The website says that roofers must graduate from high school and have some vocational instruction as well as several years of experience earned by serving in apprenticeships offered by local unions. They must know how to use all tools and equipment used to repair remove and install roofs. They also must be able to work with hot tar gravel asphalt and rubber. Furthermore they must know the specifications for different types of roofs such as how many layers of material are required for roofs with various slopes. Knowledge of legal codes for roofs in specific geographical locations is essential. Roofers must be fully aware of safety concerns particularly how to set up and climb ladders. They must be physically strong and have a good sense of balance because they work in high-up places often on inclined surfaces. They work under various weather conditions so the ability to endure cold and extreme heat are required. According to the website the employment outlook is heavily dependent on the economy and roofers’ earnings depend on location and experience. With one year or less of experience they earn $8.75 to $12 an hour. However with 20 or more years of experience their hourly wage ranges from $16.32 to $24.59.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Apprenticeship
Avg Salary: $34673.5
High Salary: $51147
Low Salary: $18200
Tasks: Fastens shingles to roofs.
Works with hot asphalt and tar.
Repairs roofs that are leaking.
Determines the materials needed for specific roof replacement jobs.
Also Called: Roof Constructor
Roof Builder
Roof Repairman
Roofing Contractor
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