Restoration Technician

Disasters can range in size from small floods inside of individual homes to huge natural disasters that cover many hundreds of square miles. No matter what the size restoration technicians are usually required to help with clean up efforts and repairs. According to restoration technicians are responsible for helping to bring individuals andor entire communities back to normal after a disaster in a quick and effective manner. In order to prevent damage caused by standing water which is a typical component of a disaster restoration technicians often work to dry or clear areas that are flooded or waterlogged. Floods can cause a multitude of problems. The most common problems associated with standing water are mold and diseases. Therefore restoration technicians usually focus on issues related to water first and then to areas in need of clean-up or other types of repairs. In the case of natural disasters which tend to affect hundreds or thousands of people and buildings at once restoration technicians are usually deployed almost immediately to the geographic area where the disaster occurred. Because of the need to act quickly after a disaster occurs restoration technicians must be good problem solvers and be able to work under a great deal of pressure. Additionally they must have sympathetic personalities because they must often deal with and interact with individuals who may have lost their possessions their homes and even their family members and friends. While there is no particular educational requirement for a job as a restoration technician it is helpful to have a background or some experience in the field of construction. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics restoration technicians usually earn a salary of approximately $16.21 per hour.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $33716
High Salary: $43716
Low Salary: $23716
Tasks: Helps to dry waterlogged areas.
Repairs damage done to homes and materials.
Restores possessions to their original condition.
Attempts to re-build areas hit by a disaster.
Also Called: Restorer
Construction Worker
Clean-Up Technician
Natural Disaster Responder
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