Power System Operator

A power systems operator who is also commonly referred to as a “power load dispatcher” or a “power plant operator” plays a vital role in the functioning of the power supply industry. A power systems operator is in charge of overseeing the flow of electricity out of a power plant and adjusting the flow of power when necessary. According to www.ehow.com it is often necessary for a power systems operator to either increase or decrease the amount of electricity that may be sent through transmission lines due to changes in the weather the occurrence of natural disasters or in emergency situations. A power systems operator must know how to gauge situations and determine how to handle electricity flow conditions as they arise. Because of the world’s extremely high level of reliance on electricity any disruption in the service of power can be detrimental to a customer’s property or business. Therefore a power systems operator has a high level of responsibility when it comes to administering the correct levels of voltage from a power generation plant to an electrical transformer. This career is optimal for a professional who has excellent communication skills and the ability to react quickly in emergency situations. Also a thorough knowledge of how a power plant functions and operates is essential. The minimum educational requirement to become a power systems operator is a high school diploma. However according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics it is much easier to obtain a job if an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree has been earned. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that the median annual salary for power plant operators is between $47850 and $68250.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $58050
High Salary: $68250
Low Salary: $47850
Tasks: Controls the flow of electricity leaving a power plant.
Monitors voltage transformers.
Estimates the need for additional power during extreme weather conditions.
Operates power plant machinery.
Also Called: Power Distributor
Power Dispatcher
Power Load Dispatcher
Power Plant Operator
Additional Resources: http://www.ehow.com/about_6590692_systems-operator-job-description.html