Power System Electrician

Industrial power plants employ power system electricians to help setup and look after the equipment that exists within power plants which produce and dispense electricity. Power systems electricians have experience working with all of the various types of equipment that exist in and around power plants such as generators circuits power lines converters transformers switches and electrical controls. They may be assigned to work in one specific area of a power plant or they may be asked to cover several areas. However most power system engineers specialize in either metering or substations. Some of the most common tasks completed by power systems electricians include maintaining existing power generation equipment overseeing the functionality of metering equipment repairing equipment that is causing a power to not transmit properly to customers and identifying potential problems with current electrical systems. Because the need for power to be produced at a power plant continues 24 hours a day seven days a week power systems engineers are often required to work on weekends during nighttime hours and on holidays. However they typically work a standard 40 hours per week. While power systems engineers work indoors much of the time specific situations often require them to work outdoors on when necessary. Besides being required to work in sometimes dangerous situations such as on a tall ladder power system electricians must adhere to strict safety guidelines at all times so that the risk of an electric shock can be minimized. The educational path to this career starts with a high school diploma followed by the completion of an apprenticeship program or many years of experience learned through on-the-job training. The website mb.jobfutures.org reports that the salary range for a power systems electrician is between $30600 and $73400 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Apprenticeship
Avg Salary: $52000
High Salary: $73400
Low Salary: $30600
Tasks: Installs power transformers and generators.
Inspects electrical equipment.
Repairs faulty electrical apparatuses.
Tests electrical systems for functionality.
Also Called: Power Electrician
Power Station Electrician
Industrial Electrician
Power Line Electrician
Additional Resources: http://mb.jobfutures.org/profiles/profile.cfm?noc=7243&lang=en&site=graphic