Power Generation Engineer

Engineers play an essential role in the development of power plants the generation of power and the transmission of power. Power generation engineers who are also commonly referred to as “power systems engineers” and “power distribution engineers” usually work for either power companies or the government in order to design the most efficient and effective power systems as possible. According to www.ehow.com not only do power generation engineers design the systems that power companies use to provide power to customers but they also consistently monitor the systems and continuously make upgrades and modifications to the systems to make them more effective. Power generation engineers usually work in both urban areas as well as rural areas and they are in charge of designing the layout of power lines for overhead and underground installation. Some of the other typical responsibilities of power generation engineers include preparing cost estimates for projects determining the potential environmental impacts of power generation development and overseeing the construction and implementation of power facilities. The minimum educational requirement for a career as a power generation engineer is a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. However many choose to complete master’s degrees and doctoral degrees. When higher level graduate degrees are earned it is possible for power generation engineers to work as consultants or university professors who teach and conduct research. License requirements vary by state but obtaining a license usually requires that a written test be passed. The website www.indeed.com reports that the average salary for a power generation engineer is approximately $83000 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $83000
High Salary: $93000
Low Salary: $73000
Tasks: Designs systems that deliver electricity.
Builds models of electrical systems.
Coordinates the operations of power plants.
Determines the arrangement of power circuits.
Also Called: Power Systems Engineer
Power Distribution Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Power Engineer
Additional Resources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_engineering