Post Production Tech

When a film television show advertisement or music video has been shot the work to make the production complete is far from over. A post-production technician is responsible for taking the shot footage and compiling it into a finished product that is ready to be viewed by the public or the desired audience. A post-production technician is responsible for adding and mixing music inserting sound effects and editing the shots so that the production appears cohesive organized and synchronized. According to post-production technicians know how to edit scenes edit music add special effects mix sound and transfer a production from one format to another. It is essential that post-production technicians be highly skilled with audio sound and editing equipment. They must also know how to create sound effects adjust sound so that it works well with the scene in which it is being used and mix all special effects elements so that they fit perfectly within a scene. While there is no particular educational requirement for a career as a post-production technician there is a long on-the-job learning process. Most post-production technicians break into the business by working in lower level positions in order to gain experience. Over the course of several years enough experience is usually achieved to be offered the official position of post-production technician from an employer. It is essential that post-production technicians keep their skills as sharp as possible and many enroll in continuing education training courses throughout their careers. The average salary for a post-production technician according to is $54000 per year. However salaries vary depending on the employer and experience level. When working for a major Hollywood studio the salary for a post-production technician can be significantly higher than for those working at small production companies.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $54000
High Salary: $64000
Low Salary: $44000
Tasks: Works in the film-making business.
Edits scenes after filming.
Adds special effects to a film.
Transfers film to a video or data format.
Also Called: Film Editor
Post-Production Editor
Sound Engineering Technician
Special Effects Technician
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