Plastics Manufacturing Technician

Plastic manufacturing technicians assist in the development manufacturing and marketing of plastics and plastic products. They usually work in laboratories assisting in research that will result in improved and higher quality materials. They test new materials keeping detailed records of the results and writing reports on the outcome of their work. Another job they typically have is to design the molds and machines that are used to manufacture plastic products. However some plastics manufacturing technicians work in sales selling plastic materials to manufacturers of molded plastic products. The website says that aspiring plastics manufacturing technicians need at least a high school diploma or the equivalent including courses in geometry algebra and trigonometry mechanical drawing and shop and preferably in a laboratory science such as chemistry as well. For jobs above those that are at the basic level they must complete a plastics program at a community college or at a vocational or technical school. For the highest level and probably the most marketable positions in the field it is helpful for job applicants to have a bachelor’s degree in plastics technology. Another avenue for entering this field is to complete an apprenticeship program or an in-plant training program. Some employers in this industry sponsor work-study programs whereby individuals work for a certain number of hours a week but also take formal courses that will count as college credits toward a associate’s or bachelor’s degree. According to the website plastics manufacturing technicians earn between approximately $32300 and $51800 a year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $42050
High Salary: $51800
Low Salary: $32300
Tasks: Helps to develop plastics products.
Works as plastics mold and tool makers.
Monitors the plastics manufacturing process.
Sells plastic making services to potential customers.
Also Called: Plastics Laboratory Technician
Plastics Process Technician
Plastics Service Technician
Plastics Mold Technician
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